Skiing Tips for Beginners

Skiing is a sport that is becoming very popular. Gliding down a mountain, over the snow is an amazing experience. But there is also a lot of people that still isn’t brave enough to try it, because they think it is too complicated, or don’t know where to start, what to do or where to go. However it is not that complicated.

If you are going on your first skiing vacation, take a look at these tips:

Photo by Florian Lindner

Photo by Florian Lindner

1. One of the things you have to work on, before attempting to ski is your balance. As you might already know snow is slippery and you will need a lot of balance to be able to steer while you are moving.

2. When it comes to the equipment, don’t buy it all right away. It is your first vacation and you don’t know if it will become a recurrent thing for you to do. Instead ask your neighbors or friends if they can lend you some goggles, pack lots of warm clothes that you can layer and rent the skis and boots.

3. Once you have figured out where you are going to get your equipment from, it is time to start learning the basics. Regularly the slopes are classified by difficulty and identified with a color. If you are a beginner you should look for the ones in green.

4. Now it’s time for you to learn how to stand up. This is where good balance is needed. You need to find a position where you can stand comfortably. Keep in mind that one of the most comfortable positions for beginners is to have your feet shoulder width apart and the toes pointing inwards. You can also use this position to stop once you are moving.

5. Now it’s time for you to start sliding. Try pushing your body gently with the poles on an easy slope and practice moving a couple of meters without falling, try to stop. Always keep your eyes on the snow in front of you; it will help you with direction. It might take some time so try to have fun. If you are feeling comfortable start trying to turn your feet to the sides. As you get more confortable try to get your heels a bit closer. This will allow you to go faster.

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