5 of Best Places to Visit in Australia

The land of kangaroos is a popular destination among travelers. This Country/Continents famous for having tons of natural beauties, modern cities, exotic wildlife and gorgeous white sanded beaches. But most importantly it is a place where you get a great weather all year long. There are so many great things to do and see that it can be hard to find the best places to visit in Australia.

Here are photos of 5 of the best places to visit in Australia:

1. Sydney – This is the most visited place of Australia. Its opera house is famous around the world and a must see for all travelers, especially opera lovers. This city has everything that anyone might want on a vacation, cultural activities, beaches and tons of restaurants.

Places to Visit in Australia



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2. Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef – This is paradise for travelers looking for a tropical vacation. It offers a combination of rain forests and a barrier reef (the largest one in the world). This also means that tons of different water sports are being offered.




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3. Melbourne – Melbourne is a city known as a place with a mixture of Victorian architecture and modern buildings. This is also a great place for shopping and a cultural center.




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4. Brisbane – If you are looking for a place with a great nightlife, and a wide variety of restaurants this is your best choice. Visiting it’s museums is also a popular thing to do.




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5. The Great Ocean Road – This is a place that offers the most amazing views! So visit this place and stop for a meal at one of the many restaurants on the way there.




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Cave Swimming in the Yasawas, Fiji

The South Pacific is one of the most popular cruise routes on offer, and Fiji is one of the favorite places to visit as a stop off or final destination. Do you know the movie “The Blue Lagoon” with a young Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins? This visual poem of a film, charged with hauntingly beautiful scenery and an equally spellbinding soundtrack, makes you want to escape to a tropical island, and where better to go than the islands where this film was made? The breathtakingly beautiful Yasawas, the prettiest and most South Pacific islands in all of Fiji.

As a result of the film’s popularity, (as well as the surrounding waters being crystal clear and blue), Sawa-i-Lau, the small limestone island, is commonly known as the Blue Lagoon.

When arriving on the island, usually with a day-tour organized by your resort or a cruise liner, your breath will be taken away by the island?s major attraction: the caves.

There are several cave chambers with deep pools hidden from obvious sight though striking rock formations that adorn the small powder-white, sand beach. The stairs that provide ease of access to the cave’s entrance stop dead some meters above the water level, prompting you to take a plunge into the dark water below, inside the cave.

Swimming inside the caves between magnificent natural limestone walls covered in ancient inscriptions and paintings, is a thrill for the adventurer in us all. To this day it is thought of as a sanctuary for the local gods, namely the 10-headed god “Uluitini”. As legend has it, the tallest of the caves is the resting ground for Uluitini. His nine snakeheads and one impossibly beautiful human head are said to be represented by each chamber of the caves. When in the cave, you can even make out the silhouette of the ten heads and the story of the legend depicted in the petro glyphs etched in on the walls.

The first cave you come across happens to be the one where Uluitini is said to reside. It is adorned with natural light penetrating in from a heart-shaped opening from above and rises up almost 20 meters. Depending on the time of day the color scheme changes, offering different impressions of the walls and the crystal clear water.

In order to get to the adjacent cave, swimmers must take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds in order to access that particular cavern’s enclosed passage as it is completely submerged and pitch-black, only pervaded by the stream of a guide’s flashlight. When you do leave the caves, make sure that you give your eyes plenty of time to adjust to the dazzling sunlight that will greet you.

The Sawa-i-Lau caves are an adventurous experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life, bringing you closer to the ancient spirits, unique nature, and secrets of the Fijian landscape.

Unearth the Jewels of Western Australia

Far from being eastern Australia’s poor relation, the west coast of Oz has a fascinating history and jaw dropping landscapes to awe the most jaded of travellers.

Whereas Melbourne and Sydney are cosmopolitan centres of food and fun, the west coast has a much more laid-back vibe. It’s also home to the last coastal wildernesses in the country. Although not many travellers realise this, visitor numbers are starting to increase as savvy tourists discover there’s much more to the west coast than iron ore mines and sand.

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View ancient art on Pilbara coast
Pilbara, the most remote length of the Australian coast is home to a million rock carvings. From kangaroos to emus, from mythical beasts to warriors with their boomerangs, every aspect of aboriginal life is represented here. Despite this rich heritage, Pilbara is rarely visited by tourists, making it a great destination for wild adventure holidays.

This amazing valley is unobtrusively marked by a rusting metal sign and yet has more rock art than the whole of Europe! A booming mining industry is nonetheless threatening the survival of this unique spot.

Tour wine estates in Margaret River
Despite producing only 5% of the country’s wines, the south western corner’s products remain unbeaten in terms of quality. The Mediterranean climate is very much suited to quality wine production, and gives the nectar a distinctive local character.

Margaret River is one of the most famous production areas in the south west, and there are numerous wine tours on offer which is perfect for solo holidays abroad. Tours vary, from visiting just one estate to touring a handful over several days. Fermoy Estates are one of the best and oldest producers, focusing on classic grape varieties such as Semillon, Cabernet, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

Experience pearling in Broome
People have been fishing for pearls on the western coast for over a thousand years, but it was in the 19th century that the area’s fortunes truly turned. The shimmering beauty of the world’s finest pearls contrasts dimly with the reality of daily life for ‘blackbirded’ aboriginals, kidnapped and enslaved into the pearl diving industry. The city of Broome was at the centre of trading, and there are plenty of opportunities to find out about the history of the town.

Willie Creek Farm is a working pearl farm which offers pearling tours in helicopters, flying over the oyster beds as a guide explains about the grim human sacrifices made in the name of pearls.

Watch whales at Mills Charters
You can see humpback whales, southern right whales and the famous blue whale. Experienced sailors will take you out into the whale migration paths where you will be almost at water level for the ultimate whale observation experience. The guides are really passionate about their subject which makes for a very informative trip. Look out for breaching where whales will shoot vertically out of the water and fall onto their backs. If no whales are spotted on a trip, this company will offer another trip for free. You can find them at Hillary’s Boat Harbour.

Cycle on the treacherous Munda Biddi Trail
Munda Biddi, meaning ‘through the forest’ in the Noongar language, is Australia’s latest epic cycle trail. For years, it’s been enjoyed by hikers alone, but the Munda Biddi Trail foundation has been working tirelessly to secure planning permission for cyclists. At the moment, only half of it is open, but don’t let that put you off: at 500 km long, it’s already longer than most European long-distance cycle trails. Once completed, it will link Perth, Western Australia’s capital, to the area’s second city, Albany.

It’s one of the world’s most exotic cycling trails, with cockatoos and marsupials cheering riders along their path. Happily, the trail has been designed to suit everyone, with plenty of ‘easy’ stretches in fragrant eucalyptus forests.

For too long, Western Australia has been forgotten by the guide books. Now, the gems of Oz’s last wilderness are slowly being revealed to curious travellers. Ultimately, those who do venture of the beaten track of bungee jumping and beach barbecues discover a beautiful and authentic Australia when they go west.

Lalage is a solo holiday enthusiast and lives by the adage: ?do what you want to do, when you want to do it?

Australia – Discover “Down Under” Culture

Australia is more than koalas and kangaroos; it’s a rich culture molded by multiculturalism and an adventurous lifestyle inspired by the country’s natural beauty and geography. Your Australian adventures will have no bounds as you choose among the sophisticated metropolis of Sydney, the sun-soaked beaches on the Gold Coast and the nonstop nightlife in Melbourne. Meeting some friendly new mates along the way will complete your Aussie experience by giving you a glimpse of the Aussie way of life.

Here are three things you’ll love about the culture while traveling through Australia:

1. A multicultural society
When traveling to Australia, you’ll encounter a cultural cocktail comprised of people from many countries and ethnic backgrounds. Australia is a nation of immigrants, making it a multi-faith country of melding cultural identities. Its border is open to neighboring Southeast Asian countries, and there was substantial migration from Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Lebanon and Turkey after World War II. As of 2010, more than one quarter of Australian residents were born overseas. People from every corner of the globe can be found in this country of fusing cultures.


Sydney Skyline Photo Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

2. Learning the slang

If you want to have a fairdinkum (authentic) Australian experience, you’ll have to learn some strine (Aussie slang). It may take some time to cotton on (catch on), but you’ll have a blast practicing with your new mates!

Adrienne Price, a 23-year-old who traveled through Australia in 2010, says Aussies are a welcoming bunch, but because they are hard to offend, they may come across as abrupt. She advises visitors to keep the cultural differences in mind before taking anything they say personally.

As an American, they teased me about my accent, she said. They use shortened phrases and will only say the last half and somehow you’re expected to know what they’re referring to – it’s almost like Cockney English.

But no worries just as you would adjust to visiting the UK or even the opposite side of the U.S., you?ll adapt to the accents and expressions in no time.

3. Mateship

Friendships or mateships are highly valued in Australia. Forget about the competitive rat race of the U.S. on your vacation, because it s all about being modest and sincere in Australia. This attitude translates to an impression that Down Under, everyone is down-to-earth and multiculturalism works because Aussies emphasize equality. Mates can be just like family in Australia. They’re expected to do the right thing, be honest and be there through thick and thin.

4. Folklore
Australia carries many pieces of folklore into the core of its culture. Many Australian stories and legends are very important to the society whether or not the stories are true. The many stories of Australian folklore glorify sportsmen and its many soldiers. These ideas offer a glimpse into the strength of the country and its own image of itself.

Every day will be an adventure whether you choose to visit the Outback or the metropolitan cities in Australia. In between snapping photos of the pristine coastline, the elegant architecture of the Sydney Opera House and interesting creatures that inhabit this fascinating country, don’t forget to absorb the rich culture of Australia.

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Diana Dwyer has been writing for many years whether offering a glimpse into various topics or delivering options through online classifieds.

Cycling Through the Barossa Valley Wine Growing Region

The wine growing region of the Barossa Valley, near the South Australian capital city of Adelaide is ideal for short or multi-day cycling tours. Consisting of largely flat terrain and passing through towns, villages and scenic rural countryside, the roadways and cycle paths of the Barossa Valley are ideal for cyclists of all levels of fitness.

Cycling in the Barossa Valley has become so popular, the Barossa Council, together with the Commonwealth Dept. of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development is in the final stages of the construction of a cycle path linking the Barossa’s major towns; Tanunda, Nuriootpa and Angaston. The railway cycle route goes through areas of unspoiled natural beauty, skirts verdant vineyards and offers riders the opportunity to stop for a rest and refreshments at frequent intervals along the way.

Wine Growing Region

The new Barossa Valley cycle route was inspired by the extremely popular Clare Valley cycle route. The small town of Clare, around 65 miles northwest of the heart of the Barossa is renowned as the “other” wine capital of South Australia. More rural in atmosphere, it is possible to cycle between the two valleys or put a visit to the Clare Valley on your list of places to explore in South Australia.

Perhaps the ultimate cycling tour of the Barossa Valley is a multi-day tour of the whole valley that also includes Adelaide and coastal Adelaide. Tours can be arranged that last from 4 nights and 5 days to twice that length. Depending on the tour you choose, you may ride anywhere from 30 to 60 miles in a single day. Except for some brief hill climbs, the routes are largely flat. Longer tours encompass both the Barossa Valley and the Clare Valley while shorter tours are limited to the Barossa Valley. While these tours may sound daunting, frequent stops for wine tastings and gourmet meals will ensure that you enjoy every minute of every day.

One of the most popular cycling tours of the Barossa Valley takes you on a counter-clockwise loop from Adelaide through many of the valley’s major towns. On day one, you have to negotiate some steep hills as you make your way to historic Hahndorf. Days two and three are longer rides to Springton and Tanundra, but the terrain is easier. your fourth day’s ride is a long descent from Tanundra back to Adelaide where you will spend your final night in the lap of luxury.

Whether you choose to take a group tour or tour the Barossa Valley on your own, you won’t have to worry about finding a comfortable Barossa Valley accommodation. Choose between a comfortable campground with all the amenities you need, a cosy B&B, a backpackers’ lodge or even a luxurious 5 star resort. As one of Australia’s premier tourist destinations, the Barossa Valley has it all.

Rob Schneider enjoys cycling and other outdoor activities in Australia. If cycling through the Barossa Valley sounds like your kind of vacation then jump into the net and find some Barossa Valley accommodation, bike hire or organised tours there are a number of options to choose from.

Vacation in Sydney: Adventure For All Ages

Vacation in Sydney

have you considered a trip to Australia? How about a vacation in Sydney? This city truly has it all. From nightlife, fine arts, and incredible exhibits, to great food, vibrant hotspots, and day trips like no other, Sydney is the vacation destination of the southern hemisphere. Sydney is an energetic, action packed city with an amazing adventure waiting to be discovered.

Two of the most recognizable landmarks in all of Australia are located in Sydney. The Sydney Harbor Bridge spans the gateway to the busiest port in all of Australia. Towering above the water, this amazing structure stretches for more than 1190 meters and allows 49 meters of clearance between the water and the bottom of the bridge. Thrill seekers will find the adventure of a lifetime by taking a Harbor Bridge Climb. Guided tours take visitors up the railings of the bridge to the crest for an incredible view of the city. Take in an amazing panoramic view of the skyline, made complete by the Sydney Opera House, the second-most recognizable sight in town. This distinctive modern masterpiece was opened to the public in 1957 and housed the national opera until 1973. With a variety of tours available, ranging from a general introduction of the facility, to the very impressive backstage tour.

Throughout the Sydney area are many hiking and biking tours. The Manly company offers guided hiking tours around the harbor park, bike rentals, and even kayak rentals for an ocean adventure. A charming day tour would be a trip into the Blue Mountains. Just outside the city, enjoy the beautiful scenery, rugged mountains and hiking trails, and even the lush gardens at the small Leura Village. Visit local shops and experience the beauty of the local flowers and gardens in the quaint village. This is definitely a trip worth taking!

Traveling with kids - Check out the Powerhouse Museum. Just steps from the harbor, this innovative, kid-friendly museum wows audiences with demonstrations on how electricity works, lightening shockers, and introduces kids to impressive new energy-saving tools. With tours and exhibitions held daily, this museum is one not to miss! Paired with a trip to the aquarium or the zoo, and kids will be excited for the entire trip.

For a slightly different Sydney adventure, take a four day tour into the bush. Bush tours give visitors a glimpse into life outside of the city. This extension of your holiday will introduce you to the sights and pub life in Sydney and even introduce you to loveable koalas at the Koala Park Sanctuary. Immerse yourself in Australian farm life at the Inglevale Homestead. Then, get lost in the Abercrombie caves before heading back into Sydney for a well-deserved meal at a local eatery. Sydney escorts are varied and ready to make your trip an exciting one. Local tour guides can arrange a bush tour or even a day trip to enhance your vacation.

Looking for a party - Sydney has incredible pubs, clubs, and other locations to make your every evening fun and entertaining. Restaurants are plentiful and varied. Budget friendly locations and even luxurious meals are available throughout the city. A very active after-dinner nightlife for every taste and desire is also available. Locations like the Carlisle Wine Bar offer quaint, quiet conversation, while Academy promises a night to remember. Converted from an old cinema, Academy still has the original screen adorning the wall of the club. With frequent live music and awesome DJ’s, this club will not disappoint. Beat Mega club is what its name suggests. Six stories tall complete with five different dance floors, this club is well-known for its awesome music mix and frequent drag shows.

Hotel accommodations in Sydney are a varied as the nightlife. Luxury hotels, mid-range accommodations, budget hostels, and even camping make finding accommodations to fit your budget easy and accessible. There are many internet listings for rooms of all styles and a little research, based on your needs, would be very prudent. For an extended stay, consider renting an apartment on a short term lease. This is a convenient way to save money and have appropriate housing. The added benefit of not having to worry about a curfew or other restrictions is also worth considering. With plentiful vacation accommodations throughout the city, this is a viable option that is worth consideration.

With so much to see and do, it is no wonder why Sydney continues to be on the top of many vacation planners wish list. One could visit many times and never see everything. From the vibrant night life, local customs, history, and culture that continue to inspire generation after generation and breathtaking views both in the city and just beyond, Sydney is a place that calls to your soul. Make Sydney the location of your next great adventure.

Planning your Australian Golf Vacation

If you’re planning a trip to Australia and golf’s your game – well, you’re in luck. Australia ranks as one of the top countries for a golf vacation. We come in just behind Scotland and New Zealand for the most golf courses per capita, with over 11,000 courses to play.

If you’re keen to plan the perfect golfing holiday down under, here are some of our top recommendations.

Golf Vacation

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club (Composite), Vic – situated in Black Rock, this stunning 36 hole course has hosted a number of noteworthy events including the President’s Cup in November 2011 as well as the Women’s Australian Open this year. Divided into East and West courses, it is the West course, designed by Dr Alister Mackenzie back in 1931, that is heralded as one of the best courses in Australia by Australian Golf Digest.

Other courses nearby: definitely worth checking out Kingston Heath, another top Aussie course contender.

New South Wales Golf Club, NSW – against the stunning backdrop of La Perouse, the NSW Golf Club (rated 34 in the world) couples picturesque scenery with what is known to be a particularly challenging course to play.

Other courses nearby: Ellerston in the Hunter Valley is the private golf course of the Packer Family.

Royal Adelaide Golf Club, SA – commonly referred to as Seaton, the Royal Adelaide Golf Club has hosted nine Australian Opens, the most recent in 1998. Today, it’s a popular course and destination for corporate events.

Other courses nearby: Kooyonga Golf Club is just a 10 minute drive and boast a recently renovated its clubhouse

Barnbougle Dunes, Tas – This is our top ranked public golf course and it’s easy to see why. Nestled in the pristine wilderness of the Tasmanian landscape just outside of Launceston, Barnbougle offers golfers some amazing views of its surrounds with a challenging course design. Although comparatively newer than many other championship courses, having just opened its doors in 2005, it is on its way to leaving its mark in the rankings.

Other courses nearby: Visit the Tasmania Golf Club just 15 minutes from the Hobart CBD.

The Links Kennedy Bay, WA – among WA’s most revered courses, the Links of Kennedy Bay is another great public access course that stays true to the traditional links style course design.

Other courses nearby: check out the Vines Country Club and Resort located just 10 minutes from the Vale community in Aveley.

What are some of your favourite golf courses in Australia?

Author Bio: Sarah Paige is a travel writer, specialising in all destinations down under. She is based in Sydney.

Christmas Fishing in Australia

It is the best time of the year again, it is Christmas! There is joy all around and there is always something beautiful and magical in the air around that you have not been able to understand that just brings every one closer. That warm smell of freshly baked cookies in the house, the sweet smell of vanilla and chocolate, and spices, it all feels wonderful. The only thing you miss during Christmas is fishing, your favorite thing in the whole world. You miss the days when you could go on fishing weekend fishing trips with your best buddies on a bright sunny day.

fishing in australia

There are places where you can go fishing- where it is warm and sunny and bright and you have plenty to fish. You are not a big fan of ice fishing, then a nearby warm fishing spot is all that you need. Do a little research on the internet and search for a place nearby that you can travel to, stay in for a few days, soak up some sun and fish all day long to your heart’s content. If you are having trouble settling for a particular destination, let us help you out. How about fishing in Australia? Packed with one of the best fishing locations in the world From the Great Barrier Reefs to the Murray Island, Western Australia to Tasmania- pick from the innumerable options.

In Australia, fantastic weather is guaranteed and there are also various options for the type of fishing. From game fishing, to freshwater fishing, fly fishing and surf fishing, you name it, they have it. What would you like to fish for- Marlins, dolphin fish, steelhead, rainbow trout, brown, trout, bass, snapper, King George Whiting, squids, salmon, murray cod, catfish, perch, mullet, garfish, pan fish, sharks and the list can go on for quite sometime. Where else would you find such overwhelming options!

But before you get all excited and start looking frantically for accommodations and fishing charters, that would take you to some of the best fishing locations of the world, make sure you have done a little homework and gathered all the required information. From how you can reach the spot to what you are allowed to carry. Check whether the charter allows you to carry your own gear or they provide it on board, what the other charters charging etc details are important even though they sound silly.

If you are indeed planning a fishing trip abroad, why not take the wife and the kids along! That way you can all spend a Christmas together in a new exotic location and have loads of fun. It would also give you a chance to spend some quality time with the kids and the wife. This could be a very special Christmas for you and your family – the kids would be absolutely thrilled. You can spend one Christmas away fro home, away from the ice. After all it would be a merry Christmas wherever you are with your family. Happy Holidays!

Photo Source: Dr.Nomad