5 of the Most Visited Countries in Asia

Asia has recently had a growth in tourism, so much that two of the Asian countries are in the top 1 of most visited countries in the world. That is because of all the amazing historic sites that melt with modern life. With all the amazing things they have to offer it is no wonder that they are receiving millions of visitors. Keep reading to get the names of 5 of the most popular countries of Asia for travelers.

5 Popular Countries in Asia:

1. India – The biggest attractions of the country are the many temples, historic places like the Taj Mahal and the modern cities like Delhi. It is a place filled with mysteries!



Photos by: Pablo Pecora and Gates Foundation.

2. Indonesia – This is an archipelago with an incredible beauty. All of the tiny islands are the perfect place for a beach vacation. Water sports, resorts, temples and white sanded beaches are a few of the stuff you will find in it.



Photos by: Austronesian Expeditions and Christian Ostrosky.

3. South Korea – Aside from Seoul, one of the mega cities of the world, South Korea also offers gorgeous beaches, lush forests and all the attractions and fun things that come with it. And again, it is a place with a rich culture.



Photos by: Konstantinos Kazantzoglou and Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper Installation Management Command, U.S..

4. Singapore – Attractions like Gardens by the Bay and two major casinos are a few of the reasons why Singapore has become an important destination within Asia. It is also next to other countries that get a lot of visitors, so it makes it easy to go from one place of interest to the other.



Photos by: AndyLeo@Photography and Suresh Eswaran.

5. Japan – It is home to one of the world’s greatest cities, most modern cities. The people of land of the rising sun have a culture that goes back centuries. There are tons of old buildings and sites to prove it! as you can see this is a country of contrasts.



Photos by: Doug and Jonathan .

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