5 Stunning Places to Visit in the Loire Valley, France

Situated along the Loire River in central France, the Loire Valley is an atmospheric place full of vibrant culture. This remarkable destination is famous for its abundance of beautiful vineyards and orchards, giving it a pleasant and organic ambience.

With its brilliant weather and quaint charms, the Loire Valley is the perfect destination for anyone looking to rejuvenate and relax in the numerous Loire valley villas. Here are some unmissable places to visit in this breathtaking location.

Chartres Cathedral

Located around 50 miles south of Paris, Chartres Cathedral can be found in the beautiful city of Chartres. Completing its construction in 1250 A.D., the breathtaking architecture of the cathedral is widely regarded as one of the most superb examples of High Gothic design in France. Despite its ancient inception, the structure of this magnificent building is outstandingly well preserved, with most of its stunning stained glass still intact. The cathedral has been, for many years, an important place for Christian pilgrims who come to see the famous relic here, the Sancta Camisa; a tunic said to be worn by the Virgin Mary when Christ was born. When it comes to amazing buildings in the Loire Valley, Chartres Cathedral comes very highly on the list.

Magnificent Gothic architecture of Chartres Cathedral

Magnificent Gothic architecture of Chartres Cathedral

Chateau de Chenonceau

In the quaint village of Chenonceaux, in the Loire Valley, can be found the magnificent manor house that is the Chateau de Chenonceau. Situated on the River Cher, this pre 11th century building was constructed from an ancient mill. The chateau was once home to the mistress of Henry II, Diane de Poitiers. This fascinating attraction gives visitors a unique insight into the historic legacy of the Loire Valley. Walking around the chateau, visitors will find a rich and elaborate d’cor, reflective of the period. An excursion to the Chateau de Chenonceau, and the magnificent scenery that surrounds it, makes for a truly brilliant day out.

Le Brenne Natural Parc

With over 1,600 square kilometres of stunning natural scenery, Le Brenne is a nature park that will have visitors in awe. The park can be found just west of the town of Chateauroux, and is bisected by the stunning Creuse River. Due to the park’s secluded nature, it makes for an excellent spot for visitors to enjoy a quiet walk and admire the landscape without droves of other tourists. With its rich variety of both fauna and flora, it is easy to spend an entire day simply absorbing the diverse beauty of the park. As one of the Loire Valley’s hidden treasures, Le Brenne Natural Parc really is a must see attraction.

Glorious landscape of Le Brenne Natural Parc

Glorious landscape of Le Brenne Natural Parc

Chateau de Chaumont

Situated in Chaumont-sur-Loire, Chateau de Chaumont is an absolutely breathtaking 15th century castle. The castle boats some fantastic panoramic views of the Loire Valley, giving visitors plenty of great photo opportunities. With its unbelievably detailed architecture, this historic monument has an almost magical appeal. Anyone visiting Chateau de Chaumont is sure to be enthralled by its majestic beauty.

Saint Gatien’s Cathedral

Saint Gatien’s Cathedral can be found in the city of Tours, and is one of the most iconic structures in the area. The cathedral, which completed construction around 1547, consists of some amazingly intricate architecture and design. Within can be found pristine stained glass, along with some masterfully-crafted sculptures. Visitors to this cathedral can expect to be very impressed indeed.

The Loire Valley is a place quite like no other. With its seemingly endless supply of phenomenal sights and attractions, this destination makes for the ultimate sightseeing holiday in France. Visitors will wish they could stay longer just to admire all that the Loire Valley has to offer.

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  1. For me the top choice here has to be the cathedral, I’m not especially religious myself, but the architecture is incredible!

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