5 Popular Places to Visit in USA

How do you choose among all of the cities and attractions of the United States? It is almost impossible, because it has too many cool things o do and places to visit. So instead I made a list of 5 of the most commonly visited cities in the US, and fun reasons why they attract so much people.

5 Places to Visit in USA:

1. New York: It is home to some of the most famous icons of the country, like the statue of liberty. Within the city you can find so many cool things to do, places to visit and amazing restaurants that planning a trip to it is a challenge.



Photos by: Johannes Valkama and Roman Kruglov.

2. Los Angeles: LA is known for a lot of people as a place to see celebrities, shop like crazy, party and hit the gorgeous beaches.



Photos by: Jay Park and Aydin Palabiyikoglu.

3. Chicago: A lot of people say that among the cities of the US it is the second best one after NYC. In it you can find tons of museums,, restaurants and places to shop.



Photos by: David and Mikey.

4. Washington: The capital city of the United States is also filled with museums and really interesting places to check out. There is so much to learn here!



Photos by: steve eng and Wally Gobetz.

5. Las Vegas: Young tourists tend to prefer Las Vegas. All of the shows, parties and casinos can keep you up for days.



Photos by: udo schuklenk and Joey Lax-Salinas.

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